March 25th: Dantedì, for the first time the day dedicated to Dante Alighieri.








March 25th: Romics celebrates Dantedì, the day devoted to Dante Alighieri, through a short journey between comics and illustrations dedicated to the Supreme Poet.


Romics takes part in Dantedì, an initiative promoted by MiBACT: March 25th, a date identified as the start of the journey in the afterlife narrated in the Divine Comedy, from this year becomes an occasion for rediscovering the works of Dante Alighieri, great symbols of italian culture, well-known works, translated throughout the world, that offer timeless appeal.


Also the world of comics, could not resist the temptation of measuring up with Dante’s work. Many are the artists who approached Dante, sometimes with absolute respect, other times in a caricatural and humorous way.


Obviously, the Divine Comedy remains the most contemplated, with particular reference to the Inferno that, with all its vastness of visual elements, imaginary creatures, evocative settings, is regarded as the beloved book.


Go Nagai one of the greatest japanese comics authors started still young to explore the Divine Comedy after having read an edition illustrated by Gustav Dorè. The Divine Comedy reinterpreted by Go Nagai has also recently been republished by J-Pop.


A great italian illustrator, Gabriele Dell’Otto, in recent years approached the Dante’s masterpiece giving life to a work of rare beauty and intensity in collaboration with Franco Nembrini, published by Mondadori. Dante’s Inferno was released in 2018 while the long awaited Purgatory is about to be published.


Mention might also be made of humorous and caricatural portrayals, citing Marcello Toninelli (Shockdom), the great Disney artist Guido Martina with L’Inferno di Topolino of 1949, and La rovina in commedia by Jacovitti.


Leaving the comics borders we can find a truly interesting illustrated book by Paolo Barbieri, Dante’s Inferno published by Mondadori. Barbieri, with his unmistakable style reinterprets the great characters inhabiting the hell and the extraordinary places that distinguish it.


Many are the versions created by authors from all over the world.