Self Area - Romics XXIX





The place dedicated to self-productions


Romics opens its doors to the self-productions of comic books, illustrations, card and role-playing games, to bring to the attention of general public those original works that it is not easy to find elsewhere.

Two large areas are reserved to pencillers, collective and indipendent illustrators: in the heart of Comics City, the space of Romics dedicated to the art of comics, the Self Area Comics will involve all the realities related to the world of comics while within the large pavilion of role-playing games a Self Area Play will strictly host the self-productions of card, table and role games.

The Self Area of Romics is a meeting place for exchanging ideas, images, stories and experiences between people working in this sector.

Read the rules and submit no later by 4th of September 2022.

For more information write at