Vincenzo Mollica Golden Romics of the XXVIII edition


Vincenzo Mollica Golden Romics of the XXVIII edition



Yes, I confess: my name is Vincenzo Paperica “Finally I can reveal my true identity: I am a duck, dressed up as a human, who calls himself Vincenzo Mollica on planet Earth, while in Duckburg I am well known as Vincenzo Paperica, impressionist and impressionable reporter with a great passion for cinema, comics and pop music.”




Vincenzo Mollica will receive the Golden Romics award at the XXVIII edition of the International Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games to be held from 7 to 10 April 2022 at the Fiera Roma.

Vincenzo Mollica, journalist, writer, author, radio and TV anchor, curator of exhibitions, contributing editor, illustrator and painter, during his extraordinary career led us to the discovery of many amazing creative universes, populated by great artists. His work may be considered a fundamental contribution, a key pillar for the diffusion and appreciation of all the imaginary arts.

He curated a large number of exhibitions dedicated to great film directors, music, comics, in addition to dozens and dozens of books on these subjects. In his work Mollica has always interacted with the artists, often acting as a creative fly-wheel. He encouraged the collaborations between Fellini and Manara and the relaunch of Cavazzano’s parodies such as Casablanca and La Strada. He has also had a closely relationship with Hugo Pratt, Crepax and Andrea Pazienza.

Romics celebrates Vincenzo Mollica in his 40 years of career, thanks to an unmissable event that will retrace the most significant moments of his work, with the contribution of various friends and colleagues, the awarding ceremony of the Golden Romics, an exhibition itinerary curated by journalist Riccardo Corbò, that will bring us to discover Vincenzo Mollica through the eyes and the pencils of great artists.