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Crossroad Comics: from the Beatles to George Lucas, from cartoon themes to Stephen King

Crossroad Comics: from the Beatles to George Lucas, from cartoon themes to Stephen King

The new book by Sergio Algozzino, Crossroad Comics, published by Oblomov and published in bookstores on August 3, 2023, is a popcorn book for fans and curious about cinema, comics, music and literature. An exploration of mass culture and its icons, in a game of intersections, contaminations and exchanges.
A dynamic and intriguing narrative structure, a volume in which the pages can be read all in one breath, or that can be left and resumed thanks to the self-contained stories that characterize them and that go to intersect in branches and surprising relationships. 
From Adorno to Charlie Brown, passing through Superman and Umberto Eco, Sergio Algozzino offers the reader an exploration of mass culture that reveals deep and sometimes unexpected connections that combine literature, cinema, music and comics, starting from a single starting point from which infinite crossings are generated. We will discover at Romics the essence of his new volume, the correlations and the intertwinings that connect the icons of pop culture, from music to comics, through cinema, art and of course literature.

You can follow the meeting on Saturday 7 October from 2.30 pm at the Sala Comics City, Pad.7


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Sun 08 Oct 16:00 - 16:45


Crossroad Comics: dai Beatles a George Lucas, dalle sigle dei Cartoni a Stephen King

Il nuovo libro di Sergio Algozzino, edito da Oblomov Edizioni.

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Sun 08 Oct 16:45 - 17:45



Live Drawing & Signing Session con Sergio Algozzino

Ottieni la tua copia autografata da Sergio Algozzino! In vendita le copie di Crossroad Comics edito da Oblomov edizioni

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