03/30/2023 - 18:42

Delta: Meeting with the director and the cast

Delta, The movie signed by Michele Vannucci.

The film tells the story of an eternal conflict between poachers and fishermen, which takes place in the mists of the region. Osso, played by Luigi Lo Cascio, wants to protect the river from indiscriminate fishing by the Florian family, fleeing from the Danube, and together with the Florian there is Elia, played by Alessandro Borghi, who grew up in those places. Their fight will bring to light their true nature, in an exciting duel and full of twists.

Director Michele Vannucci wanted to tell this story through a new film genre, a river western, which describes a contemporary conflict between indigenous and foreign communities. In this way, the Po Delta becomes the frontier of a story that develops between submerged worlds and abandoned landscapes.

With the participation of the director Michele Vannucci, Alessandro Borghi and the journalist Gianmaria Tammaro. Moderated by Max Giovagnoli