09/17/2023 - 10:11

The Fantastic World of Laura & Giulia

A special meeting, fun, colorful and sparkling for the little ones! Laura and Giulia will present their first book published by deagostini Il Mondo Fantastico di Laura & Giulia - Storie e monellerie con un pizzico di magia.
Laura and Giulia are sisters... but they couldn’t be more different! Giulia wears pink sweatshirts and jeans, she loves lipsticks and headbands. Laura wears glasses and always dresses in blue, with skirts and sweaters with giant collars. She is crazy about nail polishes and clothespins. Giulia is super precise and always knows everything, while Laura has her head in the clouds and is a bit 'careless. Together they enjoy combining cooked and raw! In their book, you can read five fantastic stories in which the two naughty and unpredictable sisters will be struggling with mermaids swimming in the sea floor, magical sweets that come to life as if by magic, a magnificent dance and singing show and much more! And it doesn’t end here! After each story, there are many activities and fun games to discover all the curiosities about Laura, Giulia... and their kitty Bella!

You can meet Laura and Giulia on Sunday, October 8th in Romics. Stay connected to discover all the events scheduled! 

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Sun 08 Oct 12:00 - 12:30



Il Mondo Fantastico di Laura & Giulia

Un incontro speciale, divertente, colorato e frizzante per i più piccolini! Laura e Giulia presenteranno il loro primo libro edito da DeAgostini

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