08/30/2023 - 09:21

Gamers8 Cosplay Cup Winners Supported by WCS

It ended last night the second edition of the world competition held in Saudi Arabia in which more than 45 countries participated. The greatest cosplayers from around the world competed on the impressive stage of the e-sport festival Gamers8 in the Cosplay Cup Supported by World Cosplay Summit: two days of competition with many amazing performances! 
The Italy team composed by Samuele Campobassi in art Nero Cosplay and Fabiano Valentino in art Diaboliko Cosplay held up the Italian pride in their impeccable performance demonstrating once again their talent that in 2021 led them to win the second place in the Video Division of the World Cosplay Summit. 

To win the competition Team Latvia!
2nd Place: Mexico
3rd Place: China
4th Place: Indonesia
5th Place: Japan
Best Crafted Costume: Portugal
Best Stage Performance: Hong Kong

Appointment with the Romics Cosplay Award to be held on Sunday, October 8 in the XXXI edition of Romics, during which the Italian representatives will be selected for the World Cosplay Summit 2024 in Nagoya.