09/20/2023 - 10:04

I dubbed Zig Zag! Meeting with Vincenzo Tedesco

Sunday, October 8 at the Sala Grandi Eventi e Proiezioni - Pad.8 we will have the honor to meet Vincenzo Tedesco who lent the voice to the character of Zig Zag in the movie "Arkie e la Magia delle Luci", coming to the cinema on October 5, 2023! 
Vincenzo Tedesco is a real "unicorn" of the web, landed in the digital world in 2015, just 18 years. With his extraordinary creativity, every day he gives smiles to millions of people through his social media and his irrepressible love for life. 
"Arkie and the Magic of Lights" is a unique adventure story, a modern fairy tale that will enchant you with its colors, its humor and its balance between science and magic. Get ready for an amazing journey!
You can follow the meeting on Sunday, October 8 from 14.00 at the pad. 8 Great Events Hall and Screenings.

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Sun 08 Oct 14:00 - 14:30




Ho doppiato Zig Zag! Incontro con Vincenzo Tedesco - In collaborazione con Notorious Pictures

La voce del personaggio di Zig Zag nel film Arkie e la Magia delle Luci.

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