03/18/2023 - 10:45

Il Mago Xiao e la ricerca della Fonte Suprema: the new fantasy coming to Romics

The new fantasy coming to Romics

A compelling novel full of magic, which captivates young readers with a plot full of action and suspense.

The protagonist, the aspiring magician Xiao, lives on the island of Irimoto and when he reaches the age of majority he must choose whether to give up his fire power or enter the Wizard Academy to develop it. Xiao decides to follow the path of magic and at school he meets Linger, a group of friends who will accompany him on a series of exciting adventures.

But when the evil Syrval begins to manifest a negative influence on the school, Xiao decides to abandon it and go to live in the woods. Here he meets the ascetic priest and the fox Arangina, who becomes his familiar, his trusted companion. When evil is about to take over, Xiao is called upon to save the Wizard Academy and the future of magic.

But how will Xiao defeat the fearsome demon Lavrys, who Syrval has transformed? Discover it at Romics Saturday 1 April at the Pala Romics - Great Events and Projections Hall, Pad.8.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Xiao, who will hold a dedicated meet&greet after the event. Stay tuned to our channels for more information on how to book for meet&greet!