09/07/2023 - 16:20

Jennifer Puddu - Suspended between two worlds

Jennifer Puddu, one of the most popular gamers on the web, presents her new book Suspended between two worlds published by DeAgostini. Are you kids ready to be overwhelmed by a funny encounter? Jennifer will tell you about her first comic book adventure.
Plot of the book: things for Jenny do not exactly go well. Between boring classes, a school infested with bullies and two increasingly distracted parents, the real world doesn’t seem like such an interesting or fun place to live. When she discovers the existence of a video game capable of transporting her to another city where incredible adventures await her every day, Jenny would never want to stop playing: new clothes, food at will, helicopter trips, parties in her beautiful home, custom built just the way she wants it... Soon thanks to her avatar she will win many new friends and become increasingly popular. But even the virtual worlds are not all roses: there are the haters to spoil the party and mock her, who have arrived together with followers, and Jenny to defeat them will find out that friendship is the most important and real thing that exists...