09/07/2023 - 16:53

Musiccomics - Romics Prize Music for Images II ed.

The second edition of the Prize dedicated to Music for Images sponsored by Nuovo IMAIE and SIAE


The second edition of MUSICOMICS – Romics Music for Images Award will be held during the XXXI edition of Romics, scheduled from 5 to 8 October 2023 in Fiera Roma. The competition is dedicated to artists  working in the field of soundtracks for cinema, TV and videogames.

After the great success of the first edition held last autumn, Romics has embarked on a new and exciting path aimed at music, its links and contaminations with the worlds of animation, comics and multimedia. In its constant effort to promote the exceptional Italian musical production, Romics announces the second edition of MUSICOMICS - Romics Music for Images Award, during which special recognitions are assigned  to artists working in the field of "music for images" with a specific focus on music for animation, videogames, cinema and genre television seriality.

The Luigi Albertelli Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to the artists Riccardo Zara and Douglas Meakin. 
Zara, singer, musician and composer is known for being the leader of the musical group I Cavalieri del Re, specializing in cartoon TV themes (The Tiger Man, Lady Oscar, Yattaman). In his career he collaborated with Bruno Lauzi and Dik Dik. Meakin, musician and singer of Liverpool, in the field of TV themes was the leader of the bands Rocking Horse and Superobots (Candy Candy, Sampei, The Great Mazinga) and collaborated with composers such as Detto Maiano, Franco Micalizzi and Ennio Morricone for many famous films. 
The award will be an extraordinary opportunity to retrace their career and the milestones of their artistic career.

MUSICOMICS, Romics Premio Musica per Immagini will also confer, thanks to a specific jury of journalists and music operators, the Andrea Lo Vecchio Critics' Prize and, in collaboration with the Associazione Compositori Musica per Film (ACMF)the Special Prize for Foreign Productions.

The Selection Jury and the Prize Jury are already working to decide the winners in the following categories:

•    Miglior Colonna Sonora (per un lungometraggio d'animazione, serie TV d'animazione, film di
genere - cine-comics, fantasy, fantascienza, avventura -);
•    Miglior Colonna Sonora per un videogioco;
•    Miglior Canzone (sigla TV per una serie animata, live action o programma, canzone interna a
un film d'animazione);
•    Miglior Doppiaggio Musicale (serie tv, serie live action, lungometraggio);
•    Miglior Interprete CineTV (cantante solista di una sigla TV, leitmotiv o canzone interna a un

Honorary Jury President is Maestro Vince Tempera, composer, conductor, keyboardist and arranger; the MUSICOMICS Award sees the Creative Direction of Mirko Fabbreschi, composer, musician, dubber and singer, television author, teacher and writer, known to the public for being the author and performer of soundtracks and tv themes.

The award, with a specific focus on music for animation, videogames, cinema and genre television seriality, boasts the sponsorship of the two main collecting rights management of authors and artists: New IMAIE and SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers.

The New IMAIE will confer the New IMAIE Award for Best Musical Interpretation for a TV Theme Song and the Nuovo IMAIE Award for Best Dubbing Performance for Movies or Music Series; SIAE will confer the SIAE Award for Best Soundtrack for an Italian Animated Film.

The Musicomics project counts on the precious collaboration of the following Media Partners: ACMF - Associazione Compositori Musiche da Film, All Music Italia, Animeclick, Dj Osso Radio, Radio Elettrica, Soundtrack City, Colonne sonore.net, Radio Animati, Radio Cusano Campus.

To get to know all the winners of the second edition, we will meet on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at the Pala Romics - Great Events and Projections Hall.