09/13/2023 - 11:27

Richard Anderson, Golden Romics

The concept artist, illustrator and American painter will be awarded with the Golden Romics, recognition to his stellar career between films, videogames, books and advertising.

Richard Anderson will be celebrated with the award of the Gold Romics during the XXXI edition of the Festival, which will be held from 5 to 8 October 2023 in Fiera Roma. With a career spanning more than two decades in the film, videogames, publishing and advertising industries, Anderson is now considered one of the most prestigious names of the Studios and the world’s leading entertainment publishers.

Among his most famous works include visionary science fiction blockbusters such as the upcoming The Creator by Gareth Edwards and Prometheus, superheroes for the big screen and for the gaming market such as Moon Knight, Captain Marvel, Arkham Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy and Eternals and fantasy works such as Guildwars 2. Anderson has collaborated with Marvel, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Paramount, Sony Animation, 20th Century FOX, Disney, MPC, Framestore, NC Soft, Rocksteady Studios, Bungie, ArenaNet, Riot Games and Ubisoft. He has also put his talent to the imagination of major publishing houses such as Simon and Shuster and Random House.

His won the Gold Spectrum Award in 2011, the Art Director Guild Award for excellence in scenography in Guardians of the Galaxy and in 2018, the Gemmell Award for Best Fantasy Cover.

Native from Montana, he graduated from the prestigious Art Institute of Seattle where he quickly created an innovative and unique look in the world of concept art: the dynamism of poses, the ability to synthesis in a few strokes where he alternates eyeliner thick line, the views of cut and rich in suspended details are the most recognizable features of his work.

During the XXXI edition of Romics, in a dedicated meeting he will retrace his artistic career that will be celebrated at the fair with the first Italian exhibition of prints of his most famous works.