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07/10/2023 - 10:49

Roberto Diso, Golden Romics

From Mister No to Tex. The stainless Bonelli author, awarded the Gold Romics to celebrate his extraordinary career.

Roberto Diso, author from Bonelli with an unmistakable stroke, will be celebrated with the award of the Golden Romics during the XXXI edition of the Festival, scheduled from 5 to 8 October 2023 at Fiera Roma.

Roberto Diso was born in Rome on 16 April 1932. At the age of twenty-two he began collaborating with Il Vittorioso, then he worked for a long time in England and France, where he created the Lancelot and Dan Panther series. In collaboration with Alberto Giolitti’s studio he also worked on some fantastic stories for the German market and in 1965 he illustrated some episodes of Goldrake, an adult comic created by Renzo Barbieri. 

In 1974 he met Sergio Bonelli, who entrusted him with two stories for the Collana Rodeo and then involved him in the production of Mister No. Since then he has been the main illustrator as well as the cover artist of the series that tells the adventures in the fifties of the anti-hero, American pilot, Jerry Drake, nicknamed Mister No. Despite having worked mainly on Mister No, for the Sergio Bonelli Publisher has also made stories of Tex, Nathan Never, Dragonero and Hidden Face, as well as two comic books: Mohican and Bloodline. In 1985 he also ventured into writing, creating texts and drawings by Rodo, a character born for the magazine Jungle! also published by L'Eternauta.

Roberto Diso at the age of ninety still wants to accompany us with his stories: on the occasion of the 45 years of Mister No, Sergio Bonelli Editore presented last June Mister No - The chronology series, an edition entirely in color, large format with the historical original covers signed by Diso and Gallieno Ferri.

After the farewell to readers in December 2006, Jarry Drake returns to recount his travels, characterized by the dangers of the immense and unexplored Amazon forest, in a series of hundred and sixty volumes, published weekly every Thursday.

An exhibition of originals will retrace to Romics his long career crowned by the award of the Gold Romics; a unique opportunity to celebrate the more than seventy years of Roberto Diso dedicated to comics, a master par excellence of the ninth art, a strongly recognizable and unique trait, a free spirit that does not give in to technology but continues to dream and make us dream with pencil, brush and nib.