03/06/2023 - 12:46

St. Louis, il coraggio di un Capitano

Round Robin editrice

Romics will be pleased to present during the Festival an event dedicated to the new edition of the comic book "St. Louis, il coraggio di un capitano", written by the journalist and author Sara Dellabella with the drawings of the talented Alessio Lo Manto and released by Round Robin publisher.

This new edition is enriched by additional boards and a unique testimony of the last of those passengers still alive: Sol Messinger, who at the time was only a child. In a long introductory interview, the author retraces with Messinger that journey that will soon turn into a nightmare.

"St. Louis, il coraggio di un capitano" tells the story of the German ocean St. Louis that, in May 1939, departs from Hamburg with 937 Jews on board fleeing from Nazi madness. In command of that ship is Gustav Schröder, a non-Jewish German commander who detests Hitler and what he is doing to his country and to Europe as a whole. The voyage takes an unexpected turn when the ship arrives in Cuba and the Jews cannot land except for a fee that only 29 of them can pay. Havana rejects the ship that, after other vicissitudes, does not find shelter even in the United States of Franklin Delano Roosvelt and Canada. Schröder had no choice but to return to Europe, but not to Germany. He decided not to hand over the ship to the shipowners without a guarantee for his passengers. The ship arrives in Antwerp and all disembark hoping in the host nations of Belgium, Holland, Great Britain and France. But Nazi Germany is preparing to invade Europe and the epilogue will be devastating even for many of those passengers.

The story of "St. Louis, il coraggio di un capitano" is touching and moving. Thanks to the splendid illustrations of the author, Alessio Lo Manto, the reader is catapulted into the ship and lives the emotions of those passengers forced to escape from their land to save their lives.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to meet the author Sara Dellabella and the designer Alessio Lo Manto on Friday, March 31 at the Comics City, Pav. 7 to discover the secrets of the creation of this masterpiece of graphic fiction.