09/25/2023 - 09:58

Superman 85: From comics to movies - in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Comics

A brief historical journey on the different souls of Superman in relation to the theme of Hope. A stylistic analysis of the tables on display and the different authors who collaborated on the story and image of the hero through comics, cinema and cartoon. An excursus on the different faces of Superman from the first film to the television and films of recent years. A brief examination of why Superman is still such a current and inspiring hero for young artists today.

Speakers: Eva Carducci (journalist and creator), Antonio Bracco (Comingsoon.it). Moderator: Max Giovagnoli


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Sat 07 Oct 14:30 - 15:00




Superman 85: dai fumetti ai film - in collaborazione con Warner Bros. Discovery e DC Comics

Un breve percorso storico sulle diverse anime di Superman in relazione al tema della Speranza.

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