09/08/2023 - 10:06

Yippee! Sio is here with us!

Young and very young, are you ready to laugh and have fun together with Sio?

The phenomenon of drawn comedy presents a preview of the new Evviva che bello! the book that collects all the strips of 2023.

368 pages of Giga fun!   A publishing success of 15 thousand copies per volume, which goes on for over 10 years, able to entertain young readers and their parents. 364 super colored stripes, cunning to crash laughing! Yes, but without getting hurt, because the book is soft, as well as colorful! Read it, laugh and have fun! Hurray that beautiful! is the most beautiful book that Sio has ever done... until now! High in color and oxygen particles!

Thanks to its social channels, Sio every day makes laugh with his comics and his videos more than two million followers on youtube, more than 500 thousand on instagram, over 680 thousand on facebook and more than 730 thousand on Tiktok!

Do not miss the inevitable meeting Saturday, October 7 from 13.00 to 14.00 at the Sala Comics City, pad.7