Barry Purves

Golden Romics of the XV edition

Great English animator and director, specialized with the technique of puppets, nominated Oscar and Bafta for his works, he has made many short films and worked for great feature films. Among the directors with whom he collaborated: Tim Burton and Peter Jackson. Purves held a workshop in Romics where he told the secrets of his technique. The presence of Purves was organized in collaboration with IED Roma. The Stop Motion Wizard has been active in puppet animation for thirty-six years, working as part of children’s series such as Wind in the Willows, Rupert Bear, Toby’s Travelling Circus, and for many advertisements. He has worked for films of his own creation, notably theatrical and adult-themed, such as Next, Screen Play, Rigoletto, Achilles, Gilbert and Sullivan, Plume and Tchaikovsky, which have earned him several awards. Barry also worked for Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton and King Kong by Peter Jackson. He received Oscar and BAFTA nominations. Barry has written three books on animation and teaches at studios and universities. He designs and directs shows and musicals for the theatre, holds many lectures and workshops, and is often part of the jury at festivals. The University of Staffordshire awarded him an Honorary Degree for contributions to animation, a Polish festival awarded him the Golden Dinosaur for artists who dedicate their time to students, while Manchester University has awarded him the prestigious John Owens Award. In addition to these, he has received several other career awards.