Bruno Brindisi

Golden Romics of the XVII edition

Among the leading Italian cartoonists, Bruno Brindisi receives the Romics d'Oro Award 2015. With him Romics is one of the most beloved interpretations of Dylan Dog. His pencil has also given us unforgettable Tex and Diabolik. At only nineteen years with his friends Luigi Siniscalchi and Roberto De Angelis, with whom he shares his passion for comics, he founded the so-called "Scuola Salernitana" with them and debuted in the self-produced magazine Trumoon #1 (1983). Still very young, he arrives in the erotic comics, but the next step is Bonelli Editore. He is still 25 years old, in fact, when he realizes some drawings for Nick Raider and Than Never, but he is with Dylan Dog, to whom he begins to work in November 1990, illustrating the story of Titian SclaviIl Male (no longer 51), who will achieve success. The early '90s see a hyperactive Bruno Brindisi: he works at Bit Degeneration, a three-episode miniseries published on the Eternauta of Comic Art, that the following year will be released in America in the magazine Heavy Metal. Draws the first episodes of the series Billiteri and Horace Brown, both by Peppe De Nardo, for the Intrepid of the Universe. In 1997 he lent his art to cinematography, creating the acronyms of the RAI screenplay in six episodes Il conto Montecristo by Ugo Gregoretti, while in 2002 old friends and fellow citizens of Salerno "I Neri per Caso" ask him to illustrate the cover and the internal illustrations of their last album. In 2002 the pencil of Bruno Brindisi illustrates another timeless hero Bonelli, is Tex, in the story The predators of the desert, included in the prestigious series ofTex Gigante (the so-called "Texone"). Two years later Brindisi will debut in the monthly series of Tex; and in August 2011 will inaugurate the new series of color Tex with the story And came the day. In 2012 it is the turn of Diabolik on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the thief; also begins a beautiful collaboration with the old friend De Nardo for the third episode of the new Bonelli series Le Storie. Also for Bonelli in May 2005 he illustrated the first issue of the sci-fi mini-series Brad Barron, based on texts by Tito Faraci, while simultaneously working on the character of "Novikov". From 2007 to 2009 he published occasional illustrations and cartoons for the Gazzetta dello Sport; from 1993 to 2012 Bruno Brindisi brought home many awards and prizes. Sunday, April 12 in Romics, confirming himself as one of the major Italian illustrators, he withdrew the Gold Romics 2015.