Enrique Fernández

Golden Romics of the XVI edition

A very special Spanish pencil, he began his career by signing storyboards of the animated feature films of El Cid, la leyenda (2003) and Nocturna (2007). In 2004 he debuted in the world of comics, in France. He worked with writer David Chauvel for the adaptation of The Wizard of Oz (Tunué, 2012) and created Les Libérateurs, published by the Swiss publishing house Paquet and Glénat in Spain. In 2009 he wrote and designed L`île sans sourire published by Drugstore and Tunué in 2014 under the title The Island of Smiles. In 2012 began the campaign of crowfunding to make the graphic novel Brigada #1 and following the extraordinary success (collects well 50,000 euros), the following year, the campaign to create the highly anticipated Brigada #2. In the same year the graphic novel Aurore was published for the Tipitondi series.  In Romics, from 2 to 5 October, on display the comic strips and sketches of the characters created by Romics D'Oro Enrique Fernandez to retrace through images chosen by the author his extraordinary artistic career.