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Giovanni Ticci

Golden Romics of the III edition

Giovanni Ticci was born in Siena, Italy in 1940. He joined the studios of Rinaldo Dami in 1956, where he illustrated comics for Il Corriere dei Piccoli and Scuterino. He left the studios after a year however, to start an accountant studio. While practicing, he continued to assist Franco Bignotti on 'Dick Daring' and 'Kit Carson'. Ticci began a collaboration with Alberto Giolitti in 1960, and at Giolitti's studios, he illustrated comics for the American market, such as 'Turok', 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' and the westerns 'Wells Fargo', 'Paladi' and 'Gunsmoke'. Ticci joined Bonelli in 1964, where he started out illustrating 'Un Ragazzo nel Far-West' in cooperation with Giolitti. After a stint on the 'Judok' series, he became a staff artist of 'Tex' in 1967.