Katja Centomo

Golden Romics of the XXX edition

Creator of narrative universes, uses different means of communication to tell stories and invent characters, such as Monster Allergy, comics and cartoon spread around the world, created with Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa, from which was also made a musical that debuted at the Sistina in Rome and Manzoni in Milan and were produced lines of merchandising, video games and board games. Like other hits like Lys and Cooking Time. For more than twenty years he has been at the head of the Red Whale publishing studio, collaborating as Artistic Director with Disney, Mondadori, Giunti, Rizzoli, Piemme, Il Battello a Vapore, DeAgostini, Lux Vide, Play Press, Panini and Rainbow, at the service of international properties such as Geronimo Stilton and Winx. Lover of comics since childhood, after the Scuola del Fumetto di Milano, begins to work covering different tasks, from designer, colorist, writer, up to the organization of the exhibition Comics Frontier, occasion that leads her to meet great guests and that marks a turning point in her career. Red Whale, born on the basis of this experience, is an internationally acclaimed publishing studio that offers content and services in the field of comics, animation, children’s fiction and communication for children in general.Katja Centomo is therefore an Artistic Director, but also an intellectual property manager, who follows the development of IP on the narrative, strategic and legal level in terms of copyright. As a writer she wrote two books in the series Le Straordinario Avventure by Jules Verne for Mondadori, and for Einaudi Ragazzi five novels: Tilly Duc - Il segreto della Casa dei Tetti Blu, La strada per Pont Gun, Franca Viola - La ragazza che disse no, In fondo al Crepaccio - Cronaca di un soccorso impossibile, La fune di ghiaccio, all illustrated by Iacopo Bruno. In recent years she has dedicated herself to the graphic novel series published by Tunué 7 Crimini, written and edited together with the lawyer Emanuele Sciarretta. The project, enriched by the participation of criminologist Massimo Picozzi, combines the passion for crime with knowledge of law. Already optioned by Lotus Film to become television fiction, the series, signed by designers of the highest level, is getting a great success with audiences and critics.    In 2023, in addition to the use of the twentieth anniversary of the comic book series Monster Allergy and the completion of the cycle of 7 volumes planned in the series 7 Crimini, Katja Centomo will inaugurate a new path, alongside Tunué in the care of editorial products and returning to work for France as a screenwriter. Katja Centomo will be the protagonist at Romics of a masterclass that will retrace her artistic path and a large exhibition dedicated to the many facets of her career.