Lele Vianello

Golden Romics of the XVI edition

For many years he collaborated with Hugo Pratt, among the stories of Corto Maltese that Vianello worked on: The La Casa Dorata di Samarcanda, Tango, Le Elvetiche and Mu - La città perduta. He has collaborated with the magazines Venezia 7,Sinbad and Il Mago making science fiction stories and with the magazines Corto Maltese and Il Grifo. Among his many artistic experiences, he was also artistic director and author of the story-board of the Franco-Brazilian film "La farfalla e il cangaçeiro", author of short stories and special publications. Together with Guido Fuga he edited the books Corto Sconto. Fantastic and hidden itineraries of Corto Maltese a Venezia, an original guide to Venice on the trail of Corto Maltese. In Romics also with an unmissable exhibition of original works by Vianello.