Matteo Casali

Golden Romics of the XXI edition

Matteo Casali made his debut together with Giuseppe ‘’Cammo’’ Camuncoli on the pages of the series Bonerest, published in the Usa  by Image Comics. He has created and written Quebrada, Silent Dance and Sotto Un Cielo Cattivo. He has collaborated, among others, with Coconino Press, Eura, SaldaPress and RCS Rizzoli. He has re-proposed the work of master Hugo Pratt in Gli scorpioni del deserto and written the comics adaptation of Luciano Ligabue’s novel  La neve se ne frega. Since 2003, first italian to do so, he has been writing a lot of comic-books for DC Comics. In 2009 he created stories for What if?, Astonishing X-Men and Iron Man: Titanium for Marvel Comics. He wrote a story for Dylan Dog Color Fest and is also author of Dylan Dog’s number 359 . SaldaPress publishes the series created by Collettivo Radium for which Matteo has written the second series of Quebrada (illustrated by Michele Bertilorenzi) and ZEROI (with Cinci, Andrea Scoppetta and Tuono Pettinato).