Mauro Boselli

Golden Romics of the VI edition

Mauro Boselli was born in Milan on 30th. August, 1953. After a varied career- as a translator of novels, script-writer and producer of TV cartoons etc. - he joined the editorial staff of Sergio Bonelli in 1984 working on the magazine "Pilot", edited by Tiziano Sclavi. Later, he also edited "Orient Express". He translated many French comic strips for "Pilot" and the American series "Indiana Jones" by Marvel. Turning his back on the magazine world, he became editor factotum for Bonelli, working on comic strips, editorials, booklets linked to Summer offers and the series of Almanacs. His first comic for Bonelli was the story of Tex, "La Minaccia Invisibile", written together with Gianluigi Bonelli himself. Later, he wrote the mini-series River Bill, based on Guido Nolitta's idea. In 1991, he joined the staff of Zagor, with the special album "La Fiamma Nera". A couple of years later he took over the beginning of "The Second American Odyssey" and "L'Esploratore scomparso" (drawings by Marcello). In 1994, with "Il passato di Carson" he officially joined the Tex series which he now shares with Claudio Nizzi. He has also written for The Adventures of Mister No, Il Piccolo Ranger and Dylan Dog. Dampyr, written in collaboration with Colombo, is his first original character. Since 2012, he's the editor of "Tex".