Shawn Martinbrough

Golden Romics of the XXII edition

Martinbrough is the drawings author of Thief of Thieves, the series produced by Skybound created by Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead, Invinvible and Outcast, that is published in Italy by SaldaPress. During his brilliant career, the american author drew Batman, Detective Comics, Luke Cage Noir, Captain American, The Black Panter, Hellboy and worked with all the main american publishing houses. He also signed the manual of the noir comics "How to Draw Noir Comics": The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling, published essay by Random House and translated in several countries. His characters appeared also in the movie Deadpool, in the TV series Gotham and in the cartoon Gotham Knights. Martinbrough is very acclaimed for his capacity to sketch with great mastery noir atmospheres, those that are making Thief of Thieves a classic in the contemporary comics. He mainly worked for Marvel Comics, Vertigo and DC Comics. For two years, in collaboration with Greg Rucka, he took to success in both public and critics Batman: Detective Comics and he worked at The Losers, later became a film.