Golden Romics of the VI edition

Guido Silvestri (born 9 December 1952 in Carpi), known by his pen name Silver, is an Italian comic book artist. Silver began his comics career as an apprentice of Franco Bonvicini (Bonvi) and co-authored stories of some of Bonvi's main characters such as Cattivik, Nick Carter and Capitan Posapiano. In 1974 Silver created the series Lupo Alberto a lonely wolf that's always trying to snatch in the Farm McKenzie to find something to eat and to meet his girlfriend, Marta the Hen, but is always stopped by the guardian of the farm, Mosè the Dog. In 1978 Silver began working as a caricaturist for the daily newspaper L'Occhio. He became the editor of Euréka magazine in 1983, together with Alfredo Castelli. In 1989, he became his own publisher, and after two years, head of the Macchia Nera label. 'Lupo Alberto' continues his adventures at Glénat Italia. Silver set up his own studios to continue the adventures of 'Lupo Alberto' and 'Cattivik'. Artists and writers that work for this studio are Piero Lusso, Bruno Cannucciari, Giacomo Michelon, Giorgio Sommacal, and Massimo Bonfatti. Silver managed to create an original narrative approach capable of renewing itself  over time.