Yoichi Takahashi

Romics d’Oro della II edizione

Yoichi Takahashi (born July 28, 1960), also known as Taka-sensei, is a famous mangaka, best known for his work Captain Tsubasa. Takahashi has always been a sports fan, but mostly a fan of football (soccer). Captain Tsubasa, his most famous work lasted for 8 years in the shonen manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump. Weekly Shonen Jump has serialized two major series, Captain Tsubasa and Captain Tsubasa: World Youth. The later works of Yoichi Takahashi have been published in the seinen manga anthology Weekly Young Jump. Most of Takahashi's manga are about football, with some exceptions like Chibi (boxing), Sho no Densetsu (tennis), and Ace! (baseball). He is recently drawing Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun in Grand Jump. In addition to drawing manga, Takahashi also wrote novels for children and teenagers, Golden Kids, which received an animated episode released on the iOS, and Soccer Shojo Kaede.