Filippo Scòzzari

Golden Romics of the XXIX edition

Filippo Scòzzari, an inextinguishable incendiary, was born in Bologna in 1946. He begins to agitate after a very slow maturation: hating the general gummy cultural apathy that applauds only the useless traffic of the harmless - the imbruttitori of the world, as he calls them - discovers the joy of the seminar brand new disruptions: it will save the soul, impose grammars, He’s gonna have a lot of fun and maybe fill his wallet, just a little bit. Filippo began to publish cartoons and comic stories in the seventies on King Nude, The Magician, Alter Alter and participated in the experience of Radio Alice during the student movement of '77 in Bologna. In 1978 he founded the magazine Cannibale, in league with Liberator, Mattioli, Tamburini and Pazienza, with whom in 1980 he will create the most important Italian magazine of the end of the century: Frigidaire. Among his most famous books we remember Suor Dentona, La dalia azzurra, Primo Carnera, Il dottor Jack. Nel 2019 he published for Coconino Press Lassù no, a rich anthology of his science fiction stories, followed in 2021 by Il mar delle blatte, adaptation of a story by Tommaso Landolfi. Scòzzari has also accompanied a large literary production with L'isterico a metano, Prima pagare poi ricordare and Memorie dell’arte bimba.