Gianfranco Manfredi

Golden Romics of the VII edition

Gianfranco Manfredi was born in Senigallia (Ancona) and is living in Milan, where he graduated in History of Philosophy. In 1978, he published an essay titled "L’amore e gli amori in J. J. Rousseau" (Mazzotta, 1978), while his debut in fiction writing was "Magia rossa" (Feltrinelli, 1983/ 2nd edition, 2007 Gargoyle Books). Feltrinelli published his following novels "Cromantica" (1985), "Ultimi vampiri" (1987) and "Trainspotter" (1989). His subsequent works were "Il peggio deve venire" (Mondadori, 1991) and "La fuga del cavallo morto" (Anabasi, 1993); more recently, his “Una fortuna d’annata” (2000), “Il Piccolo Diavolo Nero” (2001), and “Nelle tenebre mi apparve Gesù” (2005) were published by Marco Tropea, while for Gargoyle he wrote "Ho freddo" (2008) and "Tecniche di resurrezione" (2010). Multimedia author, Gianfranco Manfredi  also wrote more than 300 songs, many movie and TV scripts, and essays of musical critic. His debut in comics was the creation, for Dardo publishing house, of "Gordon Link", an ironic ghost-buster (1991). Manfredi has been working with Sergio Bonelli Editore since 1994, writing scripts for Dylan Dog and Nick Raider. In 1997 he wrote for Bonelli a Western series, Magico Vento, that features horror and magical elements. In 2005 Manfredi debuted as a writer for Tex, with the episode “La pista degli agguati” (Maxi Tex 2005). After the success of Volto Nascosto, a thrilling graphic novel divided in 14 episodes, published from October 2007, now it’s time for the sequel, Shanghai Devil, that will be at your newsstand’s with the first of its 18 episodes, in October 2011.