Satoshi Kon

Romics d’Oro della VI edizione

Satoshi Kon, Japanese filmmaker (born Oct. 12, 1963, Hokkaido, Japan—died Aug. 24, 2010, Tokyo, Japan), wrote or collaborated on the screenplays and directed the action for a series of highly acclaimed dramatic anime films that offered biting social commentary, fantastical dreamscapes, and glimpses of his vision that people live in multiple realities. His compelling films include the violent psychological thriller Perfect Blue (1997); the romantic Millennium Actress (2001); Tokyo Godfathers (2003), a comedy (loosely based on John Ford’s 1948 film 3 Godfathers) featuring three homeless friends—a runaway girl, a transvestite, and a tramp—who discover a foundling; and Paprika (2006). The latter movie followed the trail of a therapist who attempts to reclaim a stolen machine that can read patients’ dreams. Though Kon initially intended to study painting, he turned to illustration and became a struggling manga (Japanese comic) artist for Young magazine. He also became an acolyte of manga creator Katsuhiro Otomo (of Akira fame), who recommended him to direct Perfect Blue. In addition to his feature films, Kon produced the 13-part television miniseries Paranoia Agent (2004), a violent commentary on modern life in Tokyo that featured an assault by a boy with a golden bat at the end of each episode. At the time of his death from pancreatic cancer, Kon was working on The Dream Machine, which he described as a “road movie for robots” and the first of his films suitable for children.